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FINAE as the leader student loan company in Mexico, is one of the very few companies at an international level that has managed to place the stock market at the service of the base of the social pyramid.

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It is a company aimed to encourage private investment in higher education in Mexico. Its shareholders have more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector. SAE is the founding company of FINAE.
Oasis Capital


Oasis fund is global. It is based in Luxembourg and invests in commercially viable companies which provide essential goods and services that directly benefit low-income communities.
Adobe Capital

Adobe Social Mezzanine Fund

Investment fund based in Canada, focused on supporting the growth of high-impact social and environmental companies in Mexico by means of a strategic relationship with New Ventures Mexico, the most important sustainable business accelerator of the country.
Mexico Ventures

Mexico Ventures

A fund of funds based in Canada, focused on promoting the creation of innovative and entrepreneurial capital funds both in Mexico and in the United States, as well as investing directly in high-potential companies of the region.
Elevar Equity

Elevar Equity

Private equity fund that aims to generating distinctive investment returns through supporting companies that provide basic services to communities which are not connected by the global networks.
Omidyar Networks

Omidyar Networks

Created b Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay, and his wife, Pam. This entity invests in innovative organizations that accelerate economical and social changes.

Calvert World Values International Equity Fund

One of the main fund investment groups in the United States.

EDUCACB 13 is the first note of the student sector in Mexico and the first securization of student loans in Latin America. This first $126.8 million pesos note is part of a $600 million pesos program.

FINAECB15 is the second securization of student loans by FINAE. It is a $200 million pesos note of a $1,000 million pesos program.

Both notes are AAA (E) rated and backed by monthly payments from the students and a guarantee by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).